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Amiura SignOn Agent

Amiura SignOn Agent allows users to sign in to Domino from web browsers using their Domino login, password and a temporary/one time password generated by RSA SecurID tokens. This allows for a two factor authentication that greatly enhances security on Domino applications accessed via web browsers.

User authentication is session based. The agent is a DSAPI filter loaded by the Domino http task and integrates with existing RSA SecurID deployments.

Amiura Fax Server

Amiura Fax Server is an enterprise class fax server built from the beginning with Lotus Domino in mind.

It allows you to send and receive faxes in your inbox, automate the sending of faxes, and provides a convenient Print-To-Fax printer driver that allows you to send as fax any document that you can print.

Domino clusters support for load balancing and failover. Fax servers can be setup as clusters for failover and load balancing.

Amiura Pop3 Gateway

One in it's class, Amiura Pop3 Gateway allows you to integrate external mail boxes in Domino transparently.

It can be used to pull in mail from standard mail boxes and replying to them keeping the sender of the external mail box. This is useful when integrating private mail boxes.

Try it ... we bet you wont be able to live without.

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