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ProductsAmiura Signon Agent

Amiura Signon Agent allows users to sign in to Domino from web browsers using their Domino login, password and a temporary/one time password generated by RSA Security SecurID tokens. This allows for a two factor authentication that greatly enhances security on Domino applications accessed via web browsers.

User authentication is session based. The agent is a DSAPI filter loaded by the Domino http task and integrates with existing RSA SecurID deployments.

Amiura Fax Server

This is a fax server built from the beginning with Lotus Domino in mind.

It allows you to send and receive faxes in your inbox, automate the sending of faxes, and provides a convenient Print-To-Fax printer driver that allows you to send as fax any document that you can print.

Domino clusters are supported for load balancing and failover.






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